Refund Policy

The Below mentioned Refund Rules apply for all the students enrolled at CA Bhakt Website

Coaching Fee

  1.  We strictly follow policy of No Refunds under any circumstances.
  2. At the Time of Admission, Parents / Students are clearly explained all the rules regarding fees submission and No refund policy.

Disclaimer: CA Bhakt reserves its right to make any modification, alteration, addition or deletion of anything contained in the existing rules including the curriculum.

In case of online payment, if any issue arises at our level, students need to request the management. Our Management takes full care to solve such issues on priority depending upon the seriousness of the particular issue. CA Bhakt is not responsible for any money if it is engaged at the bank server and E-service providing server due to any technical issue. This will be sorted out by the bank and its associate portal as per their norms. 

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